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Rick Cabrera

Rick Cabrera has been an employee of Watco Pools since 2006. He has been a quick learner in this industry and has gained a wealth of knowledge since 2006.  He is on the MIKA board and has participated in the Montana League of Cities of Towns, Montana Parks and Recreation, The Wyoming Association of municipalities and the Wyoming Parks and Recreation Association conferences.   He has 2 kids ages 18 and 17.  His hobbies include golfing and attending Montana Grizzly football games.  For any type questions, please contact him at extension 103.

Ramona Krone

Ramona has been an employee since 2008.  She is our Accounting Assistant.  Ramona handles day to day bookkeeping and assists Susan with sales and counter sales.  She enjoys surfing the internet, hiking, traveling and photography.  She is married to a wonderful guy named Craig and have lived in Billings since 1992 (originally from Wyoming).  Her children included 2 cats “Tessie” and “Schnookems” and their Australian Shepherd “Sophie”.   Give her a call if you have invoicing and billing issues.

Susan Anderson

Susan is our frontlines employee.  She handles all phone calls, chemical orders, and parts order.  In addition she handles our walk in customers.  Susan has been employed with Watco since 2004.  She is married and has 2 children.  Her hobbies include: Camping, volunteering for her children’s activities, and most all loves spending time with her family.  Being in the pool and spa industry for 5 years, she had the experience to help customers learn how to deal with their water chemistry issues, locate and order parts in a timely manner.  She knows her knowledge will help avoid long down time for your pool or spa.  “Knowing your model number of your equipment will speed the process of getting a part”.  With your help, she can help get what you need

Brad Mailloux

Brad Mailloux is the President of Watco Pools.  He has 3 children; Tyrell age 16, Tiana age 13, and Trace age 10.  He and his Dad have owned Watco Pools for 5 years.  Their knowledge of the construction industry helps with all phases of the pool and spa industry.  He relies on his staff and himself to have the best customer service possible.  He has an “open door policy” when to comes to “Customer Service”.  His hobbies include:  hunting, camping, fishing, golfing and watching his children in their sporting events.  Please contact him if you have any issues. 

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